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Scott has been interviewed in numerous publications recently. Please take a moment to review these great articles.

The Washington Post - The Bluesman's Apprentice

Falls Church News Press - F.C. Producer Scores Grammy for Blues CD


Billboard Magazine #12
("Classic Jazz For Lovers")
Universal Special Products/Time Life music.

Ray Dorsey - Music Critic
("Branching Out" -Iona)

"The production of Branching Out is superb! The recording is crystal clear and immediate , without a hint of glossy overkill. It gives you that singular feeling of being in the room with the band."

Barbara Tresidder Ryan
Co-Founder of IONA

"IONA keeps coming back for more! Scott treats us right. He's an excellent engineer. Our CDs recorded at Shuman Recording have received universal praise for the quality of their production."

Henry Townsend
("It’s Got To End Somewhere")

The legendary St Louis Blues man about the recent recording "It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It has the feeling to it- I haven’t been able to get that anywhere else."

C. G. Artist Management

"I listened to what you sent and both masters are approved. Excellent work. I wish more mastering engineers would use de-noising judiciously like you did. A little history that may be of interest to you. The arranger and conductor on the track was Quincy Jones."

CFMA "Prix Dehor" Award
Squeeze Bayou
("Steppin Fast")

Mastering Credits -
Scott has mastered hundreds of CD’s in the last several years, many of which have made it to the Billboard charts. He is a mastering engineer for Time Life Music and works closely with them and many of the major record labels.


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