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This former Georgia Public TV Satellite up link trailer was converted for the extremely high demands of music video production.

It was designed for simple and easy HD Video production smooth communication between the audio and video engineers. The audio Room can accomodate 4 operators and is acoustically designed and equipped to facilitate final program mixes on the fly, with no post production. Audio is multi tracked in Protools and backed up on a Tascam MX24 hard disc recorder for future mixes in 5.1

The Video side of the Trailor is equipped for Broadcast Quaulity High Definition .The Video Room can accomodate 3-operators and includes a Sony HDSDI switcher, Clear com , 50"LCD display, PGM reference with Wave form vectoe analyses, and 2 Sony Blue Ray recorders. capable of recording 2 hours of continuous HD video.Camera cable bulkhead includes, Genlock Time Code, Talk back , HDSDI ,and power for (4 ) Sony HDXD cams and RGB inputs for (2 ) fixed Canon HD Cameras

The bulkhead has additional outputs for composite and Component Video ,and Analog and AES audio.

24Channel whirlwind Medusa snake (150')
20channel whirlwind mic splitter with transformers /+-grnd
16 Focurite micpres
4 GML mic pres
Mackie ONYX 24 channel mixer
Drawmer de-essers
DrawmerCom/Limiterwith Hi freq enhance
Drawmer Comp/Limiter
Inovonics high Freq Limiter
3 BBE Sonic Maximizers
GML8200 EQ
Inovonics 5 band multiband EQ/Comp/Limiter for program Buss

Tascam MX24 24 bit Hard disc Recorder w/ multiple 80 gig drives
Protools-18 tracks

Yamaha NS10M monitors with subwoofer
KRK -8

Returns and sends are prepatched /normalled to the board
2)Yamaha Rev 7s
(2)BehringerVirtualizer Pro-for plate simulation
(1)Lexicon201rev DLY

Sony "Anycaster" HDSDI switcher w/4 HDSDI and 2 RGB inputs
(4) SONY HDXD Cameras
(2) Canon HDCameras
2 HD Plasma Monitors
2 Channel Clear Com
(6)operator headsets and beltpacks for Clearcom
(2) Sony Blue Ray HD recorders
(4) 200'cables w?talk,tally ,genlock,TC,Power, HDSDI
(4) 100' additional cables-provided possible 300' total
(3) 1-5 channel Video DAs
1 Audio DA
1 Cartoni Tripod
1 Spider Dolly /Track Dolly
1 Los Mendez Camera Jib with floating head

(2) 200" shore power connecting cables with Edison or pigtail connectors
(2) motorized Cable reels on Battery power
DeepCycle 12volt Battery

Satellite relayed silent vibration alarms with multiple infared motion detectors

Hydraulic leveling Jacks on battery power
Quiet Zone AC system with breakers
Dual Spring loaded Axels
Aluminum frame and Chassis
Exterior cable outlets
All Cables for Audio and Video are on exterior bulkhead
Everything works!!

  • Trailor rents with an engineer ,an electrician
    and delivery in the Washington area for $6,800 per day
  • Camera Operators , Technicians and production assistance
    and crew are available at market rates

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